exists to instill a passion, as exemplified by Christ, for faith, knowledge and service


Knight's Code Students of the Month

Knight's Code Students of the Month

Each month, Faculty/Staff at Archbishop Bergan Middle/High School will recognize one Middle School student and one High School student who exemplify the Knight Code.

Aleesha Broussard: From the very first day of school Aleesha has worked hard in class, participated well, gotten along well with classmates, and has been an overall positive influence in class.

Tillie Fernau : Tillie has been remarkable in class, and has even gone so far as to "tutor/teach" her classmates that are struggling with a particular concept. While others may just have their classmates copy their answers, Tillie wants to be sure that her friends understand how to complete the problems and has acted as a leader in the classroom. In addition, she is quiet in the hallways, clears away trash left behind in the lunch room, and is always extremely respectful to her teachers and classmates. For these reasons, and many others,