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Knights of the Round Table

Knights of the Roundtable

In order to honor those people who have shown outstanding dedication to the continuation of Catholic education at Archbishop Bergan Catholic School, we established the Knights of the Round Table and the Honorary Bergan Knight Awards.

These awards will be given annually during Catholic Schools Week. The Honorary Bergan Knight will be selected from past and present members of the Knights of the Round Table.

These selections are based on the following criteria:

1. Nominee supports the philosophy, goals, and objectives of Archbishop Bergan Catholic School.

2. Nominee may be (has been) a professional employee or volunteer, or a non‑professional employee or volunteer, or a significant contributor to the educational mission of Archbishop Bergan Catholic School.

3 Nominee must give (has given) evidence of superior talent, skill, or competency which contributes (has contributed) in an outstanding way to the quality of educational opportunity at Archbishop Bergan Catholic School.

4. Nominee has rendered service to Catholic education such as:

a. Committee Work

b. Volunteer

c. Support Organizations

d. Substantial Financial Support

e. Outstanding Employee Service

Nomination Procedure

All nominations must be submitted to Mr. Dan Koenig, Principal. Nominations will be accepted from anyone. Nominations will be called for through the St. Patrick’s Parish Bulletin. Organizations (Faculty/Staff, Bergan Board of Education, Parish Council) will be solicited for nominations.

Deadline for nominations will be Monday, January 23, 2023.

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