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ONE Campaign - Commitment Weekend

We feel blessed to announce that our St. Patrick’s One Community. One Faith. One Future campaign has been a tremendous success so far. This critical effort will help our community fund the retirement of our debt, address operational deficits for our parish and school, and help with some overdue improvements to the St. Patrick Auditorium, church and school.

We are still short of our second campaign milestone of 2.25 million but there is still time for us to close out the campaign in a great way. Next weekend, August 17 and 18, will be our official campaign commitment weekend.

If you want to support the parish campaign online, visit our St. Patrick WeShare site.

Please prayerfully consider supporting and praying for a successful closing to our campaign.

The One Community. One Faith. One Future campaign is now underway, and the generosity of our St. Patrick community is clearly apparent. To date, our campaign has already raised $340,000 toward our effort to help fund the retirement of our debt obligation on the Archbishop Bergan Catholic School – Elementary Building, address operational deficits for our parish and school and complete necessary campus improvements to the St. Patrick Auditorium, church and school.

On March 15, all registered parishioners and school families were mailed a packet of materials about our campaign. A case statement booklet was enclosed, along with a letter from Fr. Nolte and our leadership team requesting a pledge to the effort.
Starting the week of April 29 and in the weeks to follow, volunteers will be reaching out individually to members of our parish and school families. I ask that you please keep in mind the following:
• The volunteers who are contacting families are just that – volunteers. They have graciously agreed to donate their time and talent for the betterment of St. Patrick. They are serving in this role because they believe in our parish and are passionate about its future. Please treat them with respect and thank them for helping St. Patrick in this important capacity.
• I have instructed each of our campaign volunteers to personally meet with members of the St. Patrick community. If you receive a call, I kindly ask that you:
  o Take the call or return the message. Don’t avoid talking to our volunteers. It makes their job more difficult and puts them in a position where they must keep calling in an attempt to reach you.
  o Meet face-to-face. If you are asked to meet, please give our volunteers 15 minutes of your time. They are not trying to twist your arm, they just want to briefly explain the campaign goals, answer your questions and receive a decision about your participation.
• If you received a pledge card inside your packet of materials, you will likely not be called by a campaign volunteer. Please discern your involvement in the campaign, fill out the card and return it in the envelope provided.
• Your Gift Matters! Remember, the letter you received from me and our leadership team includes a financial request. It is not an expectation. It is an invitation. I invite you to pray about this campaign and this parish. You may not be able to give what was asked. You may be able to give more than asked. Whatever that decision is, know that your commitment is deeply appreciated and a true blessing to our parish!
• If you no longer have the letter, please kindly let the volunteer know. We will work to have a letter recreated and mailed to you.
Thank you for your cooperation, your consideration and your support of St. Patrick Catholic Church!

God bless,
Fr. Walter Nolte