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Pre-Owned Uniform / Spirit Wear Sale aka The Bergan Closet

Pre-Owned Uniform / Spirit Wear Sale
aka The Bergan Closet

We are getting item sized and ready to put out for the sale that will be held in July, please drop items off as soon as possible. See below for more information.

**Sale Dates **
July 14 – 18
Day Hours: Monday-Friday regular summer office hours
Evening hours: Monday-Thursday 6:30-8:30.

This is not a consignment sale. It is a give and take sale.

For every item* you donate you will be able to take one item on the days of this sale. Your name will be on a list with the number of items you donated so whoever is working the sale will know how many items you can take as an exchange and not pay for them. So you will be donating your items in hope that someone donated something that works for your family. (This is the Bergan Pre-owned Clothing Closet Sale that goes on all year just on a bigger scale.) All items will be sorted through and sized for shopping convenience. Please drop items off by June 29 to ensure the largest variety for our sale. (We will take donations anytime, however.) Any items left after the sale will be moved to the Bergan Closet for continued sales throughout the year.

If you have nothing to donate, you are still very welcome to come shop for items that will fit your student. Each piece of clothing will be $5.

*All items must be in good repair (no holes, stains, frayed hem lines, all buttons in tact) in order to receive exchange credit for that item. You will only be able to use the exchange credit at the school during this special sale.

Please bring your items to the elementary school during regular office hours. You may also drop items off in the evening or on weekends (any time really) at the home of Carmen Pleskac (1539 N. Pepperwood Ct.) or Melissa Hapke (1448 N. Pepperwood Ct.) the houses on the street right behind the Bergan Elementary playground. If no one is home just leave them on the front step. Please be sure all items are in a bag. Include a piece of paper indicating your name so we can put your name on the exchange list.

If you have any questions please contact Melissa Hapke (402.753.0248 or or Carmen Pleskac at (402.620.4258 or ).
This is a great opportunity to recycle gently used clothing or to help meet your student’s clothing needs at a reduced cost. Please consider taking part.