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2016 Knights of the Round Table Honorees

In order to honor those people who have shown outstanding dedication to the continuation of Catholic education at Archbishop Bergan Catholic School, we established the Knights of the Round Table and the Honorary Bergan Knight Awards.
These awards are given annually during Catholic Schools Week. The Honorary Bergan Knight will be selected from past and present members of the Knights of the Round Table.
This year’s Knights of the Roundtable award winners are…

MarryLynne Bolden
MaryLynne has been extremely involved with the Advancement Committee for the past few years. She has taken her knowledge and expertise in the area of recruitment and helped to streamline the process of recruiting and enrolling students at Archbishop Bergan. MaryLynne has also served as School Board member for the past year. MaryLynne exemplifies the true spirit of a unconditional supporter of the school. In sharing her talents she has directly impacted the school’s ability to involve new families.

John Prauner
John has volunteered as a coach for various youth programs here in Fremont for a number of years. John has taken on a leadership role within the Knight Hoops program and continues to serve as a positive role model for young athletes. He teaches athletes his knowledge of the game using an encouraging approach. John represents a coach that is willing to go the extra mile to teach his athletes the right way to do things.

Curtis Marolf
For the past ten years Curtis has served as the Art teacher at Archbishop Bergan. Curtis has also served in various extra-curricular capacities such as head wrestling coach and head junior high football coach. He has coaches many successful athletes instilling in them life lessons that they carry with them. He instills a love for creativity into his students often when the students are reluctant about Art. Never shy to lend a hand or volunteer, Curtis embodies the characteristics of a staff member who does what is best for his students regardless.

Lori McIntyre
Since the early days of Archbishop Bergan Catholic Elementary Lori McIntyre has helped this small school of 30 students to blossom into a vibrant, thriving educational environment. Lori has been here for 9 years through all of the ups and downs displaying her love of faith and a warm personality. Along the way she has been willing to volunteer or pick up extra curricular duties such as coaching or sponsoring the Spirit Squad. Lori symbolizes that passion for one’s faith is a contagious feeling and she instills that into her students.

Tabi Sheets
For the past seven years Tabi Sheets has welcomed Kindergarten students to Bergan with open attitude and heartwarming hugs. Never shy to make her student’s day brighter, she often can be viewed making students feel comfortable and loved in the primary wing. Tabi has been instrumental in recruiting of kindergarten students as well as the coordination between the preschool and kindergarten classrooms. Tabi personifies herself as an advocate for the littlest people in the elementary school making sure that they never feel alone or left out. She also is one of the first individuals to lend a hand to make sure that all of our student’s needs are being met.

Wendy Kerkaert
Wendy has been a go to volunteer individual at the Middle and High School level for many years. Whether it is rounding up volunteers, assisting with the Knigh Event, providing a snack for a retreat or field trip, to making sure that all of the athletes have enough Gatorade for the bus ride, whenever there is a need, Wendy is there. Wendy provides a model of an unselfish supporter and her volunteerism does not go unnoticed. Without people such a Wendy organizing things in the background much of what we do here at Bergan simply would not take place.

Each year one individual is chosen from the past Honorary Knight of the Roundtable Award winners and is chosen as the Honorary Bergan Knight of the Year award winner.

For Seventeen Years Kate Hurst has been assisting students at Archbishop Bergan Catholic School in gaining a passion for faith, knowledge, and service. From her time at Bergan Middle School to the Archbishop Bergan Elementary, Kate has always been there to make sure that students were receiving the skills they need in order to be successful in life. She also has served as a sponsor and coach in a variety of capacities from volleyball, to basketball, to chess club.
All along her partner in all things technology Marcus Hurst has been there. Marcus and Kate have spent countless hours building a technology infrastructure, running wire, unpacking computers, setting up new machines, running updates, fixing servers, trouble shooting issues and all other things technology. When technology is running great there are no accolades expressed to them, but when things break down they are first ones on the scene fixing the problem. Marcus and Kate can be found on late nights and weekends making sure that all of the technology and instructional devices are working properly. Marcus and Kate have never received additional pay or have asked for any compensation for their services. They both do it because they love Bergan. The Hurst’s epitomize the idea that working at Bergan is not a job, it is a lifestyle. Your Honorary Bergan Knight of the Year award winners are Kate Hurst & Marcus Hurst.