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New Handbook Guidelines Related To Homecoming & Prom Attire

As families begin to conquer their back to school shopping lists, Homecoming attire is often selected during their shopping excursions. So that parents and students can make appropriate selections, please be sure that you are aware of new handbook guidelines that have been approved by the Bergan Board of Education in relation to Homecoming and Prom attire.
Homecoming and Prom are formal events. Attire for these events includes a dress for young ladies. Young men should wear appropriate neck wear i.e. tie or bow tie and the option of a dress suit or tuxedo. We expect the attire of our young men and women to reflect the mission of Archbishop Bergan Catholic School. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone who is not properly dressed for the occasion. Students are expected to be clean and neat in their appearance for our formal events. All dress should be modest and in good taste. The administration reserves the right to determine acceptability of clothing or appearance. Parents are asked to assist their sons & daughters in the choice of a modest homecoming and prom attire, i.e. no plunging necklines, no bare midriff, no strapless gowns, etc. Most current fashions do not incorporate these guidelines. It may take a little extra time and effort to find the right attire. Your cooperation will be appreciated.