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New-and-Improved Sycamore App

New-and-Improved Sycamore App

It is with great pleasure to announce that the new-and-improved Sycamore app is ready to be released! The app can now be downloaded in both the iOS and Android marketplaces.

The new app should also not draw confusion with the previous apps. The previous apps each had a Teacher, Family, and Student app. We’ve simplified that process so that there is only one app to download. The app will recognize whether a teacher, family member, or student is logging in based on the credentials they provide.

Teachers will have access to their classes and additional features that include: class news, directory, lesson plans, cafeteria, assignments, attendance, etc.

Families have similar functionality in being able to access student grades, family directory, employee directory, PANs, etc. Families can also view financial information and account balances, which is a feature many will find beneficial on the app.

Students will be able to view their class, missing assignments, homework, discipline, etc. Students can also view their service logs, or put in volunteer hours for those logs, which is another innovative feature we’re excited to debut on the app.

We couldn’t be more excited to release the app to all Sycamore teachers, families, and students. We appreciate how patient Sycamore users have been for the app to be released this summer, and it is our hope that the app provides an incredible amount of convenience and accessibility for schools this upcoming school year.