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November & December - Knight's Code Students of the Month

November & December - Knight's Code Students of the Month

Each month, Faculty/Staff at Archbishop Bergan Middle/High School will recognize one Middle School student and one High School student who exemplify the Knight Code.

Jacob Johnson: This year I have been really impressed with Jacob's motivation to succeed and his overall positive attitude in class. I have continually witnessed him helping other students in class and really appreciate his positive attitude in working through difficult concepts. Jacob has without a doubt been a positive contributor to the culture of my classroom.

Blaire Hilbers: Blaire is a student who demonstrates excellence in the classroom on a daily basis. She is an active learner, always has her work done on time, and she is someone who will go the extra mile to make sure her work is done accurately. Blaire is also a positive role model for her peers to look up to. She always has a smile on her face, and the compassion she shows to others around her doesn't go unnoticed. Her pleasant attitude combined with her kind personality make it an absolute joy to have her in the classroom. She demonstrates what it truly means to be a Bergan Knight.

Shea Gossett: Shea truly demonstrates the Knight Code every single day in the classroom. He shows commitment by being on time and being prepared for each class. He works hard, taking his instrument home when he needs to. He take ownership of his abilities by pushing himself, giving nothing but all he has. He shows he has the discipline to be respectful in class, and truly shows leadership by his actions. When the music gets tough, he gets to work. I would love to have a band full of people like this young man in class. Finally, Shea shows excellence each and everyday in the classroom, on the court, in the community, wherever he is at. He truly demonstrates what it is to be a Bergan Knight.

Ethan Pentel: Ethan's strengths come from his eagerness to learn and his ability to ask and seek answers to questions that he may have. He is first in the gym to get ready to play a sport and puts his heart and soul into performing a sport to the best of his ability. He desire to help me along with others is evident. Recently, he suggested, then helped me organize and implement the tennis unit at the YMCA. I observed him helping other students to become successful with tennis skills also.
In the science classroom, he is always thinking, reading, questioning, exploring, and analyzing concepts. That's what makes him a great science student!
It is with great pleasure that I nominate Ethan for this award.