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Instilling Knowledge at Archbishop Bergan Catholic School

One of the key components of Archbishop Bergan Catholic School's Mission Statement is to instill a passion for Knowledge.  From the time that a student is enrolled at the Archbishop Bergan Early Childhood Center through their graduation from Archbishop Bergan High School staff members continually challenge our students to seek life long learning.  At Bergan we have a number of unique learning opportunities that lead our students to academic achievement.

-Archbishop Bergan has a unique relationship with Midland University and Metropolitan Community College. In the last three years, 90 percent of high school students have received college level credit from these two institutions. 

-Archbishop Bergan also encourages students to participate in a School-to-Career program, which partners students with a local business in their intended field of employment. 

-Archbishop Bergan Elementary utilizes an annual Terra Nova assessment that gauges a student's ability to grasp the necessary content knowledge.

-Archbishop Bergan follows the curriculum standards of the Archdiocese of Omaha Catholic Schools as well as the most recent curriculum resources available.

-Our Faculty & Staff are competent, professional, and caring people who continually seek professional development opportunities and best practices.

-Many of our Teachers & Administration are Alumni of Archbishop Bergan Catholic School.

-Students have the opportunity to take advanced high school level courses and Bergan utilizes an online school for additional elective course work options.

-Archbishop Bergan Catholic Early Childhood Education Center and Pre-Kindergarten Program broadens each child’s spiritual, social, physical, intellectual, and emotional experiences to provide groundwork for future education and daily life.