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House System nurtures caring relationships among students

Did you know? Archbishop Bergan Catholic School utilizes a unique opportunity for students called the House System. The primary goal of the House System is to nurture caring relationships among students and encourage a sense of family through faith, knowledge, and service. It enables all students to embrace their potential for leadership while preparing them to make positive changes in the community.

The students are arranged into different mixed grade level groups or houses, each named for a saint that the students would like to emulate. Middle School/High School houses have a specific color, motto, mascot, and banner that visually exemplifies what their house stands for, while Elementary houses have a specific color, special handshake, and banner that also visually exemplifies what their house stands for. Students meet in their houses weekly for various activities. They also sit with their houses at weekly mass. Through their House interactions students participate in faith sharing activities, mild competitions, service projects, and school activities that earn points for their houses. At the end of the year, the house that accrues the most points is crowned the house champion.

The benefits of being involved in the House System are outstanding. Teachers and students come to appreciate their time spent in houses. The faculty have noticed the younger students interacting with older students in ways that never would have happened. Faculty and student relationships also improved as a result of interactions outside of the classroom. We’re looking forward to continued growth of the House System and the unique school environment it will provide for our students.