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Bergan Students Practice Emergency Lockdown Drill

Today, Friday October 12, the students and staff at Archbishop Bergan Catholic Elementary and Archbishop Bergan Catholic Middle/High School practiced a LOCKDOWN drill.  These types of drills are conducted to be sure that we are preparing all students and staff on the school campuses in the case of an emergency.  Your children may come home asking questions or making comments about the drill.  As parents we thought you should know what are the expectations for our students and staff when we conduct these drills.  A Lockdown is called when there is a threat or hazard inside the school building.

STUDENTS:   •Move away from sight    • Maintain silence

TEACHERS:     • Lock classroom door    • Lights out   • Move away from sight   • Maintain silence    • Wait for First Responders to open door   • Take roll, account for students

If you would like any further information about emergency procedures, please visit