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Response to situation 11/29/2018

Bergan Family,

The information that I am sharing comes from FPS administration and Law Enforcement.  At 4:00pm on Thursday 11/29/18 there was a report of a student with a firearm on school property at Fremont High School.  Schools take these reports seriously and FPS Administration initiated lock down procedures.  Fremont High School was put into lock down and law enforcement is currently still sweeping the building to be sure that every room, closet, etc. is clear.  Please do not feed into speculation and rumors and instead offer prayers for a positive resolution to this situation for our friends at the F.H.S.  The Fremont Public Schools and Archbishop Bergan Catholic Schools work closely together to be sure that all of our students are safe and cared for.  We will carry on with activities and classes as usual for Thursday evening into Friday 11/30/18. Please let me know if you have any further questions.  I can be reached at

God Bless,

Dan Koenig