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Important Community Update - Prayers for all those being Impacted by The Flooding

What can I do? How can I help?
St. Patrick Parish has been in contact Steve and Mary Narans for the past two days as to how we can help as a faith community. Steve and Mary are helping organize the local relief effort. They told us to wait until they could put together a list of needs based on who came to the different shelters. We offered to be  on standby to provide shelter for up to 50 families if necessary. At this point we are not needed, however, with your help we can assist the local shelters with their needs.
Please bring these items to one of these locations. [Or you can drop it off in Delaney Hall.] Please note that you can volunteer at any of these locations as well.
1.      Salem Lutheran
a.      401 East Military
2.      Middle School
a.      540 Johnson Road
3.      First Lutheran
a.      3200 Military Ave.
4.      Fremont Nazarene
a.      960 Johnson Road.
·        Air Mattresses
·        Blankets
·        Pillows
·        Towels
·        Sheets
·        Feminine Products
·        Baby Food
·        Baby Formula
·        Bottle Water
·        Non-perishable foods
o  Homemade foods cannot be accepted.

God bless,

Fr. Nolte