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Safe Environment Training

Safe Environment Training



The Archdiocese of Omaha Requires this Training for ALL volunteers with our Daycare through 12th grade youth such as coaches, dance chaperones, field trip attendees, school volunteers, church volunteers, teachers, daycare, and all staff of church or school-- covers most of us!! This class goes over signs of child abuse, what behaviors child abusers exhibit, ways to protect your kids from abuse, and ways to protect yourself from allegations!

What a comfort to know most of the adults around your kids are Safe Environment Certified!

We offer classes here at St. Patrick. Be advised classes are postponed if there are not enough participants. The background check process can take 1-2 weeks after completion of class to get your approval. Please don’t wait to take class until last minute. For example, if you would like to attend a field trip on April 16, its best to attend a class no later than April 2.

These are some events we are aware of: 4th grade- Lincoln trip, 1st grade- Omaha Zoo trip in April, 2nd grade- Cathedral trip in April, ECEC various trips over summer.

Here are the classes scheduled at St. Patrick’s:

Wednesday, August 21-- 6:30-9pm, Pre-registration needed.

Go to click on “Safe Environment” link for sign-up information and to see other class times around Omaha area. More classes may be added here throughout the year.


If you are current in your certification, you can renew by online videos and information only. No need to take the live class again!! Go to, Log in and if you forgot your password, click forgot password. Go to MY TRAINING and click on RECERTIFICATION ONLY.... Go from there.

Questions: Contact Jacki Trujillo, Safe Environment Coordinator at