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Five Pillars Give Us Knight Pride!

Archbishop Bergan Catholic School has certain aspects of our school system that make us unique as compared to other schools.  The following five pillars are things that not every other school system offers and we are proud to say this is what gives us Knight Pride!

Faith-  Jesus is at the center of all that we do.  Our mission is to instill a passion into our students and to ultimately lead them to discipleship.  Through daily prayer, weekly prayer services, school mass and classroom theology our students are exposed to the teachings of the Catholic Church daily.  In the end our vision is that each student develops a personal relationship with Jesus.

Family-  The ability for the a student's entire family to get involved in all aspects of Bergan is a unique aspect of our school as well.  We have the opportunity to educate students from age 3 to 18. The result of these offerings are that we often have an entire set of siblings enrolled in our school system.  Parents have the ability to volunteer in multiple facets of our school. Parents of alumni are still actively involved in the activities of the school also. Alumni are encouraged to be involved and 12 of out staff are graduates of Bergan.  These are just some of the examples that lend us to calling ourselves a true family of faith.

Ability for students to get involved-  For a small school Bergan offers a variety of clubs/organizations, fine arts and athletics.  From the time that students are in elementary school until the time that they graduate, students have the ability to become extremely well rounded by investing themselves into multiple activities.  Students are encouraged to be involved in as much as possible so that they can gain the true Bergan experience.

Service-  Students are given multiple opportunities to provide service to others regardless of what grade they are enrolled in.  Throughout the year students are nurtured into understanding why caring for others is so important and how they can have a positive impact on the world by providing service to society.  Some examples of service include food drives, a non profit service day, raising money for the less fortunate and elderly care facility visits.

Life long relationships-  The small size of our school allows students to get to know each other very well.  Our HOUSE system provides students the opportunity to get to know students in other grade levels as well.  Older students are given opportunities to mentor the younger students and younger students in turn are given positive role models to emulate.  These opportunities provide students life long friendships that do not fade away.

As you can see, these five pillars are wonderful examples of Gospel values exemplified in our educational system.  These pillars have been around since the inception of the school and we look forward to carrying these positive examples into the future.  It truly is a great time to be a Bergan Knight!