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Knight CODE & Growing Enrollment

Knight CODE - Positive Behavior Support

Did you know that Archbishop Bergan Catholic School utilizes a system of Positive Behavior Support? We spend time at the beginning of the school year in which we teach students the expectations for behavior at our school and activities. We call this system the Knight C.O.D.E. The C represents Commitment, O represents Ownership, D stands for Discipline, and E is for Excellence. We then attempt to reward those students by recognizing their positive behavior when they exhibit one of these four positive traits. One of the ways that we students is that each month the Faculty & Staff at Archbishop Bergan Catholic School recognizes two Elementary students, one Middle School student and one High School student who exemplify the Knight Code. The Knight Code is our expectations for student behavior in all aspects of our school system. The Bergan Knights selected as students of the month exemplify gospel values throughout the school day and serve as a model for other students to emulate.


Growing Enrollment at Bergan through visits to Catholic Elementary Schools

Did you know that Archbishop Bergan High School actively recruits students from elementary schools in the four parishes in the West Metropolitan Omaha Area? Our Advancement Director, Bonnie Nebuda and I visit Saint Patrick's-Elkhorn, Saint Vincent DePaul-West Omaha, Saint Wenceslaus-West Omaha & Saint Stephen the Martyr-Millard each fall and talk about the great opportunities that Archbishop Bergan Catholic High School has to offer. One of the greatest selling points that we present is how affordable our high school tuition is compared to the other Metro area Catholic High Schools. Our tuition is less than half of the other school's tuition. Please pray that this relationship begins to provide an influx of quality students seeking to be formed by our mission.