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Sportsmanship and the Golden Rule

A guiding principle of Archbishop Bergan Catholic School is to always act according to the Gospel teachings.  It is an easy choice in life to live by the Golden Rule and treat others as you wish to be treated.  Often though, we witness a number of examples in our society in which the Golden Rule is totally disregarded and our students view these examples with their own eyes every day.  Many of these examples are evident during activities contests when fans and spectators enter the competition area to watch a contest, proceeding to totally ignore their conscience.  Our students are exposed to unsportsmanlike actions that most would consider as rude, derogatory or just plain mean throughout the school year.  We at Archbishop Bergan Catholic School live our lives to a higher standard in respect to sportsmanship.  We expect our spectators, fans, coaches and student/athletes to live their lives above the line, serving as a model in the area of sportsmanship so that the young people in the community can continue to emulate these actions.  The Divine command handed down are the Gospel values that Jesus challenged us to live by.  We are the Light of the world and Bergan is the city set on a hill that Jesus referred to in Matthew 5.  As we enter into Championship season for our winter activities, I wanted to remind everyone of the expectations that we have at our school community in reference to sportsmanship.  Please remember that everyone that attends our activities whether they are wearing green and gold or not, represents the Bergan Family.  We ask that you help set the model of behavior for our young people to emulate.  In case you were not aware, the following are the expectations that have been in our Family Handbook in reference to Participant and Spectator Expectations.  


Archbishop Bergan Catholic School has a very storied and tradition rich activities program.  As schools dedicated to God, respectful behavior towards each other is not only a goal, but also a Divine command.  Ways of showing respect to others include:


* Fans and players supporting your coaches and teams on and off the court/field/mat.


* Players and coaches shaking hands of the opposing team after the contest.


* Players and fans understanding the rules of the contest.


* Fans cheering your team in a positive manner, not degrading the opponent or officials.


* Fans and players keeping all verbal comments of a negative nature to themselves.


* Fans and players recognizing and applauding the skills in performance regardless of affiliation.


* Fans and players being respectful of property including not stomping on bleachers as it may cause damage.

* Fans and players participate in prayer before all contests and events.  


Each activity season , we have an open and honest conversation with our student body about sportsmanship.  We remind our students to cheer for us and not against our opponents.  We  encourage them to be loud and proud as possible in cheering for the Bergan Knights.  When negative comments are directed towards our school, we reinforce the fact that we will take the high road because there is a lot less traffic there.  I hope that together we can fulfill the mission of Archbishop Bergan Catholic School through our Christ-Centered actions.