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Archbishop Bergan Catholic School Alternative Learning Plan

Archbishop Bergan Catholic School

Alternative Learning Plan



Please know that our students’ safety and well being are our top priority at Archbishop Bergan Catholic School.  We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during this unprecedented pandemic. Based on the joint Press Release that was communicated on Monday March 16, 2020, plan on our schools being closed indefinitely.  All of these decisions are made in conjunction with our other area educational partners under guidance of Three Rivers Health Department. Keep in mind that the Bergan Early Childhood Education Center will be open until we receive recommendations from Three Rivers to close the center.  In order to meet the educational needs of our K-12 students, we as a staff met on Monday March 16 to develop an Alternative Learning Program for the K-12 students at Archbishop Bergan Catholic School. Please know that we would have liked to have a parent meeting to discuss our plans with you and answer questions, but the requirement of having meetings of 10 or less individuals does not allow for such a meeting to take place.


Please know that for any of the activities listed below, we will limit the number of individuals that will be allowed in any of the facilities at one time.  We will practice people keeping distance from each other and constant sanitizing of surfaces throughout the day. Please be patient and expect a wait to enter the building upon your arrival.


In reference to Quarter 3 Final Grades, students will receive a Quarter 3 Grade after they have been given the chance to finish all Quarter 3 classroom expectations by Friday April 3rd.  

The Quarter 3 Bergan Assessment Tools Exams will be cancelled and not administered.


Students will have two opportunities to access the building in order to retrieve personal materials, things from lockers, textbooks, musical instruments, etc.  This will take place on Thursday 3/19 from 6pm to 8pm & Monday 3/23 from 6pm to 8pm. Both Bergan Elementary & Bergan Middle/High School will be open during these hours.  If a student needs materials after these two opportunities, they will have a chance during Alternative Learning Plan hours starting on Wednesday 3/25. The buildings will be open daily from 8am to 3pm starting on Wednesday 3/25.


Please know that our teachers and staff will use Monday 3/23 and Tuesday 3/24 in order to prepare all of the materials for our Alternative Learning Plan.  The first day Alternative Learning will take place on Wednesday 3/25.  


The following is an overview of our Alternative Learning Plan for Archbishop Bergan Catholic School.  


Students in Grades K-4 will utilize Packet Learning with teachers planning packets that will educate for a week at a time.  Students/Parents can come to Bergan Elementary to pick up packets to be completed at home and turned in weekly.

Scheduled Packet Pickup from Bergan Elementary

-Wednesday 3/25 8am to 3pm

-Monday 3/30 8am to 3pm

-Monday 4/6 8am to 3pm

When a student completes a packet, be sure that they put their name and teacher’s name on it.  Bring the completed packet back to the elementary school and pick up your new packet.


Students in Grades 5-12 will operate using the Digital Learning Program utilizing the Google Classroom.  Many of the students are already familiar with this type of programming as many of the teachers have students access these programs during their traditional classroom teaching.  Students will need access to a computer and the internet in order to complete this Digital Learning Program. If a family does not have internet at home, we have some opportunities in which students can come to school and utilize digital learning tools.  If a student does not have a digital device to use a home, but has access to internet at home, they can check out a school owned Chromebook device from Mr. Koenig. They will be required to sign an expectation sheet upon checking this device out claiming responsibility for the device.


For the duration of the Alternative Learning Plan, we will not be offering any transportation services for families.  Families will be responsible for transportation to and from school to pick up materials or receive assistance from our teachers.  Please contact Mr. Koenig if you have any issues with transportation.


In order to assist students with their learning during this difficult time, our teachers will be on site at the Elementary and Middle/High School.  Please know that students can work with any of our staff members to receive assistance and should not only consider meeting only with their assigned teacher(s).

Elementary teachers
Teachers will be available in the classroom to assist students with their packets or questions about their expectations.

Morning Session  8am to 11am daily
Kindergarten- Mrs. Sheets
1st Grade- Mrs. Bowman
2nd- Mrs. Dinkins
3rd- Mrs. C. Nielsen
4th- Mrs. Kempf
5/6- Ms. Lilienthal, Ms. Getzfrid

Afternoon Session  Noon to 3pm daily
Kindergarten- Ms. Coday
1st - Mrs. Powers
2nd- Mrs. Janke
3rd- Mrs. K. Nielsen
4th- Mrs. Sund
5/6- Mrs. Rogers, Ms. Kucera

Specialist Teachers
Mr. Morse-  8am to 11am
Mrs. Hurst- 8am to 11am
Mr. Murman- Mon, Wed, Fri 8am to 11am at MS/HS   Tues, Thurs 8am-11am at Elem
Mrs. Winterlin-   Mon, Wed, Fri 8am to 11am at Elem   Tues, Thurs 8am-11am at MS/HS
Mr. Marolf-  Mon, Wed, Fri 8am to 11am at MS/HS   Tues, Thurs 8am-11am at Elem


Middle/High School teachers-    
All Grades 7-12 teachers will be available in the building at the MS/HS to assist students with their digital learning questions from 8am-11am daily beginning on Wed 3/25


For all K-12 students, the dress code is not in place and is not a requirement when you visit the school during Alternative Learning operating hours.


All K-12 students are required to complete the activities and expectations laid forth by their teachers.  If there are obstacles for students that cause difficulties in completing these expectations, please contact Mr. Koenig.  If a student does not meet the academic expectations that we have created through the Alternative Learning Program during this challenging time, they will be required to complete this work during the summer of 2020.  Students will work to complete the Alternative Learning Program Curriculum until they have finished all requirements and expectations.


We have developed some additional rules for individuals visiting Bergan Elementary & Middle/High School buildings during the Alternative Learning Program.

-There will be a maximum number of people allowed in the building at one time

-The secretary at each building will monitor each person entering the building and you will be asked to sign in at the main office upon your arrival and sign out upon leaving

-We ask that you keep classroom visits to a maximum of 30 minutes when students are receiving assistance from teachers

-Parents of Elementary students are asked to stay at the school until the student is finished receiving assistance or picking up materials.  Please do not drop your students off at school and leave as students will not be supervised during this time.

-Parents and guardians have the opportunity to accompany their students into the classroom while they receive assistance

-For Middle/High school students, if you do not drive to school yourself, then we ask that your ride stays with you at the school.  Once again we ask that you do not drop students off at the school and leave.


If you would like to assist us in planning for our Alternative Learning Plan, please take this short Parent Survey so that we can better serve your students during this school closure.


Please continue to utilize School Beacon, & our Sycamore School Information System for the latest news and updates.


If you questions or concerns please contact Principal Dan Koenig at 402-721-9683 or email him at