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Celebrate and thank Mr. Wojtkiewicz for his years of service!

Bergan Family,

This past spring, Mr. Joe Wojtkiewicz made a decision to retire from teaching at Archbishop Bergan Catholic School.  Like many of you, I have very fond memories of learning life lessons as a student sitting in a desk in Mr. Wojtkiewicz’s classroom at Bergan High School.  Archbishop Bergan Catholic School has developed this video presentation (click here) celebrating and thanking Mr. Wojtkiewicz for his years of service.

As a teacher, there is not a better representative of how we are all called to serve our Lord by living out our vocation than the example put forth by Joe Wojtkiewicz.  Now that it has come time to honor him, it is only right that he receives the opportunity to share a message with you…

Dear Bergan Knights,

You may have heard by now that I am retiring from Bergan. It was not an easy decision, but I feel it is the right time to be home with my wife, Ginny.  I feel unbelievably blessed to have been able to teach at Bergan and to be a part of the very special Bergan family for 45 years. There are so many wonderful memories of my time in the classroom and of coaching cross country, basketball, and track. Some of you even remember me being one of your 7th - 8th grade football coaches back in the mid-70s! I will always treasure the relationships that were forged through the years with all of you and your families.

I understand that there have been discussions about having a gathering at some point to honor my 45 years at Bergan.  I appreciate the thought, but that just isn’t me.  I do, however, greatly appreciate the kind notes I have received.

I do hope that the rich tradition Bergan has in academics and athletics will be able to continue, so that current and future students can be blessed by and benefit from a Catholic education as they grow closer to God.

I’ve had 45 years doing what I love with all of you who mean so much to me. Thank you and may God bless you all.

Mr. Wojtkiewicz

As you read in the message Joe wrote, he enjoys receiving messages from members of the Bergan family, including his current and former students.  You can email Joe a message honoring him for his retirement by sending him an email using his email address

You can also mail Joe a message honoring Joe on his retirement through the US Mail at his home address

Joe Wojtkiewicz

2218 Bramblewood Lane

Fremont NE 68025

I know that Joe Wojtkewicz had a personal impact on my life.  As a Middle School student he challenged me to think for myself, develop an informed opinion and to read in order to be sure I understood what I was learning.  He held us all accountable with a firm but loving heart.  His smile in the classroom and quick wit in the hallways were something I looked forward to daily.  When it came time to choose my vocation, I followed his footsteps and studied to become a High School History & Social Studies teacher.  When I was given the chance to come back to Bergan as the Principal, I jumped at the chance to work alongside great teachers like Joe Wojtkiewicz.  In 2015, we celebrated Joe’s 40th year of teaching at Bergan by naming Room 102 at Bergan High School in his honor.  We installed the plaque with the following message just outside his room, The Joe Wojtkiewicz Classroom   For His Unconditional Support & Unmeasurable Impact On Generations Of Bergan Knights    Room 102 Will Forever Be Known As The Joe Wojtkiewicz Classroom.  Dedicated Catholic Schools Week 2015.

In speaking with Joe about how he would like to be honored, he simply stated that he only wished that there be a Bergan in existence for years to come.  As you may have heard, Bergan Catholic is experiencing a financial hardship in recent years.  The one proven way that you can be sure that Bergan continues to exist is through your prayer and financial support.  To ensure that your donation goes directly towards Archbishop Bergan Catholic School, please consider donating to the Bergan Fund.  Any dollars raised through the Bergan Fund directly impacts the budget for Archbishop Bergan Catholic School.  If you wish to donate, you may certainly designate that your donation be to honor Mr. Wojtkiewicz’s 45 years at Bergan.  To donate to the Bergan Fund please click here. You can also send your donation through US Mail to Archbishop Bergan High School.  Please indicate in the envelope that you are donating in honor of Joe Wojtkiewicz.  Donors will receive a personal thank you note from Mr. Wojtkiewicz acknowledging their thoughtfulness.  Generous supporters have already contributed several thousand dollars to the Bergan Fund in Mr. Wojtkiewicz’s honor.  We are inviting you at this time to join them in honoring Joe Wojtkiewicz’s 45 years at Bergan.

As we wrap up the end of the fiscal year on June 30th, please consider honoring Joe Wojtkiewicz’s retirement from Archbishop Bergan Catholic School.  Each year we will continue to honor Joe Wojtkiewicz’s legacy at Bergan by sharing his story and his ultimate wish upon his retirement.  In his words, “I do hope that the rich tradition Bergan has in academics and athletics will be able to continue, so that current and future students can be blessed by and benefit from a Catholic education as they grow closer to God.”

Dan Koenig  ’98


Archbishop Bergan Catholic School

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