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Parent Knights (PTA)

Parent Knights (PTA)

As your student begins school, you too will begin a new and exciting experience at Bergan as well.  One way to continue to be involved is to be a part of the Parent Knights Association.  We welcome everyone who has a student at Bergan to be part of this organization.

We encourage you to be active in your school.  Bergan Spirit begins with enthusiastic families who are willing to share their time and talents with others. Our mission is to support all Bergan students and teachers in Middle School and High School.

Middle/High School Parent Knights

The group helps to plan and support school activities throughout the year.

The Parent Knight Board meets the third Monday of each month at 7 p.m.   All members are welcome to join any meetings.
If you have interest in attending a meeting or would like to regularly participate, please contact Jill Gossett at

President Jill Gossett
Vice-President Jessica Koenig
Treasurer Michelle Frickenstein
Secretary Kristi Sendgraff

Parents are invited to sign up for some of the activities we support.  It will give you the opportunity to share your spirit with Bergan.  You can be a part of the Parent Knights just by sharing your time and talents to help facilitate our mission.  We receive donations one a year; $10 per student to fund the following activities:

  • Parent/Teacher Conference staff meals: you would be asked to provide food/drinks or help serve teachers during scheduled conferences.
  • Catholic Schools Week: you would be asked to provide drinks, treats, etc. that are distributed throughout the school and parish in appreciation of commitment to Catholic Education.
  • Sponsoring the Knight Code: we provide the rewards for students and sponsor the plaque celebrating the achievement

We recognize the individual learning styles and abilities of each student!

  • Taking ACT


  • Average ACT Score


  • Graduation rate


  • Receiving Scholarships