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Preserve the Shield - Family Referral Program

Help us Preserve the Shield and share the Bergan Family with Friends and Earn Tuition Credits for YOUR family!


This program is simple. For existing Bergan families only, if you refer NEW families (grades K-12 only) to the school and their child(ren) enroll, you will receive a $500 tuition credit for each and every* new child who enrolls! That’s right! Refer a family who has 2 students, and you will earn $1,000 in tuition credits! What’s even better is the family you refer may be eligible for a Welcome Tuition Grant!

*If tuition for the New Family is subject to the Large Family Discount, the amount of the referral credit may be reduced.


For each family you refer, you will need to complete the family referral form as it is emailed to you from the Advancement Office, to receive your credits AND the family must list you as the referring family on their enrollment paperwork.


Referral Program Flyer (see image below)

This flyer provides a quick overview of the program and explains a bit of how it works. Again, it’s simple! Just refer your friends; and if they enroll, you get a credit on your tuition!


Referral Program Enrollment Form (Form Link)

This is the form that you MUST complete when you’ve referred a family to Bergan.  The Advancement Office will email it to you when your name comes in as the referring family.



How to refer a family?

Tell your friends to indicate your name on their registration form. The family MUST enter your family’s name when completing the registration form in order to receive the credits.


What if I have questions?

No problem, contact the Advancement Director by phone at 402-721-1846 or by email to


When can I start referring families?

RIGHT NOW! Just remember you will need to complete the referral form in order to receive your credits.


Can I refer a former family or a new child of an existing family?

The referral program only applies to children of a NEW family going into grades K-12 at Archbishop Bergan Catholic School.  Credits will not be issued for referring children of existing families.


We are excited about this program because you as current families are our biggest promoters in sharing what it means to be part of the Bergan Family! There is no easier way to lower your tuition than by sharing the good news of Archbishop Bergan Catholic School with others and helping us Preserve the Shield!