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The grading system for achievement and effort is explained on the report cards for each grade level. Parents of students in grades 3-12 may view grades online.

SUPERIOR A+ (100-97) 4.0 A (96-95) 4.0 A- (94-93) 4.0
HIGHLY SATISFACTORY B+ (92-91) 3.5 B (90-88) 3.0 B- (87-86) 3.0
AVERAGE C+ (85-84) 2.5 C (83-80) 2.0 C- (79-78) 2.0
BELOW AVERAGE D+ (77-76) 1.5 D (75-73) 1.0 D- (72-70) 1.0
FAILURE F (below 70) 0.0

The grading scale is indicated on all transcripts. Ordinarily pass-fail is to be given in a class that does not meet on a daily basis and where evaluation is related to performance of a service nature. Credit is given at the conclusion of each term (semester of a block class), term (2nd semester of a block class), or semester end (of a year long class). In some instances, the student may receive reduced credit in individual instruction courses. Students and/or parents have a right to see grades at any time.

All Middle School class failures are reviewed by a faculty committee at the end of the school year. The following are used as guidelines. If:
1. both semesters are failed, the class must be repeated or successfully complete in summer school.
2. the second semester only is failed, summer school is required.
3. the first semester only is failed, summer school is recommended.
4. two or more required classes are failed for both semesters, the student will be required to repeat part of or the entire grade.
5. excessive absences (see attendance policy).
6. the administration may make an exception to the above policies in event of extenuating circumstances. In such a case, a conference with the parents, student, counselor, teacher(s) and administration is required.


Graduation requirements are listed in the Course Description and Registration Book. No student will be permitted to participate in the commencement exercise until they have completed all graduation requirements and have paid all fees and monies owed to the school. Course requirements must be completed by 4:00 p.m., the Friday prior to commencement exercises.

As part of our identity as a Catholic school, and as a ministry of St. Patrick’s Catholic Parish, commencement exercises will be held at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church.


250 Credits required
Bergan’s culture is to prepare students for college. A student earning 280 credits plus college courses is a normal occurrence. Very busy students may earn 300 credits plus four college courses.

Theology 8 semesters
English 8 semesters
Math 6 semesters
Science 6 semesters
Social Science 6 semesters
World Language 4 semesters
Business/Computers 2 semesters
Physical Education/Health 2 semesters
Fine Arts/Music 2 semesters
Speech 1 semester
Economics or Personal Finance 1 semester

Essential Skills Performance requirement: Required of all classes.

Before graduation, every Bergan student must demonstrate, through a personal presentation, the integrated skills of speaking, the focused organization of information and the proper use of technology. The completion of an individualized project designed for each student will be expected by the end of the Junior year. If the presentation by the student is below standard, another presentation opportunity will be allowed throughout a student’s senior year, until the standard has been met. Rubrics will be used to determine acceptable levels of performance. These will be made known to anyone who could benefit from the information.

Careers work begins in grades 9 and 10 and meets regularly in grades 11 and 12 to accumulate to the equivalent of a one-semester course.


1. THEOLOGY IS REQUIRED OF ALL STUDENTS attending Archbishop Bergan Catholic School. Great respect is shown for the religious beliefs of people of other faiths who are asked to consult the course descriptions and administration for answers to questions.
2. A full time student is one who is enrolled in no less than seven courses each term. (9 weeks) All Bergan students are expected to be full time students.
3. MID-YEAR GRADUATION is possible during the senior year if the application is approved by parent(s)/guardian(s) and administration by May 15 of the Junior year.
4. Attendance at both retreats of the senior year, in their entirety, is mandatory. The only allowable exceptions are time missed to attend a regularly scheduled college class and for illness verified by a doctor’s note. Any unexcused time missed from a senior retreat may be considered truancy and will be made up after the conclusion of a senior’s school year in the form of community service at the school.


At graduation time, special recognition is given to the two graduates who have the highest scholastic average, provided each student has spent the last two semesters in Archbishop Bergan Catholic School. The average is based on the semester grade over the period of eight semesters (four years) regardless of the accredited high school in which the grades were earned. The student with the highest average is designated the valedictorian and the one with the second highest average the salutatorian.


An honor roll will be determined at the MIddle/High School each semester. The purpose of the honor roll is to encourage high scholarship. Students who achieve a 93% or above in every course will be on the straight “A” honor roll. Students who have a 93% and above average, with no grade below a 78% , will be on the “A Average” honor roll. All those who achieve an 86% or above average, with on grade below a 78%, will be on the “B” honor roll. High school students’ averages are computed by multiplying the grade by the number of credits given for each course. This total number is then divided by the total number of credits the student is enrolled in during the grading period. Only courses awarding three (3) credits or more are used.


Bergan High School will award an academic letter to any student who, by consistent academic effort, meets the following criteria:
1. Maintains a 90% average in all courses taken over the period of review.
2. Has no reported grade in that period of review that is lower than a 78%.
3. Has completed course work in four of the core courses in the following list over the period of review.

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