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School Uniform

Bergan School Uniform

Bergan Catholic School has a dress system for many reasons: The most important is that the dress system signifies a student body and community that have a common background and goal. The dress system is not meant to prevent the student from individual expression at the highest levels through individual academic accomplishments, personal and spiritual development. It is not required that a student purchases all of the options available. He/she may choose preferences from several items and colors.

(Khaki) Dennis, French Toast, or another retailer that matches the color of Dennis of French Toast.
Slacks must be dress quality, traditional cut, with slash not patch pockets. A flap pocket is permissible if designed on the back of the slack, not the sides and/or front. Carpenter loops are not allowed. No denim of any color or style. Colors must be navy blue, and the same khaki color of Dennis Uniform and French Toast.
Pants are to be worn as they are tailored. They are not to be rolled up higher on the legs.
Pants are to be worn at the natural waistline. The waist-size should not be larger than one’s actual waist. “Bag and sag” styles are unacceptable. Due to the violation of modesty, a detention will be issued if undergarments beneath one’s pants become visible.
(khaki) Dennis Uniforms or French Toast exclusively.
**The appropriate length of shorts is no shorter than “fingertip” length and no longer than the knee.
(khaki, Carden plaid) Dennis Uniforms or French Toast exclusively.
**The appropriate length of skorts is no shorter than “fingertip” length.
(Carden plaid or Blackwatch plaid) Dennis Uniforms exclusively.
**The appropriate length of skirts is no shorter than “fingertip” length.

Polo Shirts – short sleeve and long sleeve
(White, black, hunter green) Dennis Uniform, French Toast, or other retailers.
Shirts may not have logos, Insignia, or emblems of any type. Short-Sleeve undershirts may be worn under polo shirts. They must be white and tucked in. No colored undershirts or cami’s or long-sleeve undershirts may be worn.
Oxford Shirts/blouses – short sleeve and long sleeve
(White or black)

- Crew neck pullover sweater (white, black, hunter green)
- V-neck pullover sweaters (white, black, hunter green)
- V-neck cardigan sweater (white, black, hunter green)

Sweatshirts with Bergan written on the left front in approximately 1x3 inch brush script embroidery of the same color thread as the sweatshirt. (white, black hunter green) The quarter-zip pull over sweatshirt provided by Dennis Uniform are also allowed to be worn during the school day (black, hunter green.) **
**No hoodies or other sweatshirts can be worn during the school day.
Fleece Jackets – (white, black, hunter green) Dennis Uniform exclusively.
The fleece zip-up jacket or quarter-zip pull over are the only jackets allowed to be worn in school during the school day.

Leg Wear
Any leggings, tights, and/or knee high socks must be one solid color. The color shall be white, or black.

Bergan Dress System Guidelines
1. A turned down collar shirt is not required under the dress system sweatshirt or crew neck sweater. A turned down collared shirt is required under the dress system v-neck sweater. All shirts worn under sweatshirts or sweaters must be tucked in.
2. A short sleeve t-shirt may be worn under any dress system shirt, but it must be white and it must be tucked in.
3. Dress system shorts may be worn throughout the school year.
4. Shoes/sandals in good condition must be worn.
5. Hats and sunglasses may not be worn in the building during school hours. Not even on “Break the Dress Code days”. (The only exception is for students helping in the kitchen area.)
6. Bergan Spirit Apparel and Break the Dress Code Days will be featured as assigned.
7. Hair must be well groomed according to the Administration.
8. Enforcement of Dress System: If dress code is broken, the student will change clothes using the extra clothes in the office. The clothes must be returned at the end of the day. In addition, the student’s name will be turned in to the office. The student will be expected to stay after school according to the ten-minute room procedure.

Additional Girls’ Guidelines
1. When skirts, dresses, skorts, shorts or culottes are worn, they should be appropriate in length (no shorter than “fingertip” length) and cut for classroom wear (no deep side, back, or front slits). Skorts or culottes must resemble skirts. Low cut v-neck and scoop neck dresses, sweaters or shirts/blouses will not be allowed without an appropriate shirt underneath.
2. Other than ears, no pierced body parts adorned with any decorative item are allowed.
3. Earrings may be worn.
4. No visible tattoos or writing.

Additional Boys’ Guidelines
1. Faces must be clean shaven. A student found in violation will be sold a disposable razor to shave with at school. The razor will be disposed of after use and the student will be charged a fee for its use.
2. No pierced body parts adorned with any decorative item.
3. No earrings.
4. No visible tattoos or writing.

Days designated as “Break the Dress Code” are designed to help restock the food pantry, support or aide a student and/or their family, or provide funds for general use of all members. Shirts with inappropriate designs, advertising, or wording; clothing with holes; tank, midriff or “see through” tops; short shorts or other revealing/inappropriate attire are not allowed. No hats are allowed to be worn in the building on “Break the Dress Code” days. Regular dress code rules regarding the length of shorts/skirts/skorts, as well as piercings, shall be observed on “Break the Dress Code” days.

Boys should have nicely groomed hair. No gaudy or unusual cuts, designs, artificial highlights or colors are allowed for boys. Girls may wear any tasteful hairstyle. No gaudy or extreme cut designs, or non-natural color highlights are allowed for girls. Hair must be clean and groomed. Distracting cuts, colors, styles and ornamentations (such as extreme colors or
large hair bows and headbands that detract from learning) are not allowed.

Cold Weather Wear
In addition to a winter coat or jacket, the following clothing is recommended for protection from the cold in snowy weather to safeguard the health of the children:
Hats/scarves - Mittens/gloves - Boots
Items should be labeled in order to help avoid mix-ups. If a child does not have boots, he/she should bring an extra pair of shoes for outdoor use. Any foot covering that is worn outdoors during wet or snowy weather must be taken off before entering the classroom.
Boots and snow pants must be worn to play in the snow.

Special Activities
On days with special activities, i.e. field trips, the teacher and the Principal will determine the proper dress code.

Spirit Day
On “Early Dismissal Days”, students may dress in school spirit apparel. Spirit apparel is clothing that is purchased through the school, Lou’s Sporting Goods, Nebraska Sports or Embroidery Connection. Items designed by students or parents are not considered spirit apparel. The teacher(s) and/or administration will determine compliance with the above dress code.

Mass Day Apparel
When students attend mass they are to be dressed appropriately following dress code regulations. Students are expected to wear only uniform approved items at mass. No coats, sweatshirts, or any other type of outerwear may be worn in the sanctuary of the church. Students may only wear dress code fleece jackets, quarter zip fleece pull overs, Bergan dress code sweatshirts and sweaters to mass. While in the sanctuary of the Church, students will be allowed to wear Archbishop Bergan Catholic School approved Spirit wear. This spirit wear is in the form of outerwear consisting of Bergan sweatshirts and hooded sweatshirts purchased through the school, Lou’s Sporting Goods, Nebraska Sports or Embroidery Connection. The teacher(s) and/or administration will determine compliance with the above dress code.

*the above is as outlined in the Student/Family Handbook.

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