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Grade(s) and/or Subject(s)/ Classes you teach? K-12 Library Media Specialist, K-6 Computers, K-6 Library Skills

High School attended? Archbishop Bergan Catholic School

University Attended? University of Nebraska Kearney & University of Nebraska Omaha

Degree Received? Bachelor of Science Elementary Education and Teaching, Library Science Endorsement

Extra-Curricular Duties? Middle School Volleyball Coach, Elementary Tech Coordinator

In your opinion, what is the absolute best thing about Archbishop Bergan Catholic School? Archbishop Bergan allows me to put God first in my life. I do this by sharing my faith with the students and staff members on a daily basis. Archbishop Bergan educates the whole child by not only developing the mind but by also nurturing the soul. We instill Catholic values and help students to see how serving others is in fact serving Jesus. Archbishop Bergan Catholic School is truly developing disciples of Jesus.

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Bergan Catholic has a differentiated curriculum that promotes creative and critical thinking skills, increases student self-esteem and enhances a passion for Faith, Knowledge and Service.