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Grade(s) and/or Subject(s)/ Classes you teach? Kindergarten

High School attended? Bancroft-Rosalie High School

University Attended? Wayne State College

Degree Received? Bachelors of Science in Education with an endorsement in Early Childhood

Master's degree program or school attended? Wayne State College - Masters in Curriculum and Learning

In your opinion, what is the absolute best thing about Archbishop Bergan Catholic School? What I love most about Archbishop Bergan Catholic Schools are the children and parents. The parents are involved and work beside the teachers to make sure their children are successful and live by God's word. The children are always trying their best, whether it is in the classroom or on the playground with friends. The children take pride in learning about Jesus and his teachings and they try hard to follow them.


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Bergan Catholic has a differentiated curriculum that promotes creative and critical thinking skills, increases student self-esteem and enhances a passion for Faith, Knowledge and Service.