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Physical Education

Grade(s) and/or Subject(s)/ Classes you teach? K-6 Physical Education

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In your opinion, what is the absolute best thing about Archbishop Bergan Catholic School? Archbishop Bergan Catholic School holds students and staff to a high standard of excellence both in the classroom as well as in extracurricular activities. This standard creates a family atmosphere that is not found at other schools.

Archbishop Bergan K-6 Physical Education Mission

The purpose of Archbishop Bergan Elementary School’s physical education program is to contribute to each student's development and growth in the physical, mental, and social domains. We provide planned instruction that is in alignment with the K-12 National Physical Education Standards as well as the Nebraska state Physical Education Standards. We focus on teaching skills, knowledge, and actions that promote a lifestyle of physical fitness and wellness.

Class Expectations

  • Students will actively participate in class
  • Students will give their best effort at each skill
  • Students will wear athletic shoes to class everyday
  • Students will respect themselves, their classmates, and the equipment

My Goals

  • Teach students the importance of living an active lifestyle
  • Teach students responsibility and sportsmanship
  • For students to enjoy being active

Our K-6 Physical Education Vision

All students will be physically educated; having acquired the skills needed to perform an assortment of physical activities, becoming physically fit, and have the desire to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle.

Highlights of Our Program

  • Our classes meet 3 times a week for 30 minutes
  • Each grade K-6 has a unit on Nutrition and Wellness
  • Utilizes the SPARK PE curriculum
  • Recognized as a Let’s Move Active School in 2016
  • Selected as a pilot school for SHAPE America’s Health.Moves.Minds program in 2019
  • Conduct a Track and Field day each year for all students
  • Students in grades 4-6 participate in the Presidential Youth Fitness Program (PYFP) each fall and spring

    PYFP measures fitness by using the 5 healthy fitness components (Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Aerobic Capacity, Body Composition, and Flexibility)

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