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Many colleges offer on campus and Distance Education courses through the internet or mail or a combination of the two. Some are specifically for high school credit, some are for college credit and some are dual credit and award both high school and college credit, if the teacher has appropriate State approval.

* College courses may, with administrative approval, supplement our high school offerings.

* Distance Education and other college courses may replace enrollment in a course Bergan requires for graduation, only with administrative approval.

* Only courses from accredited institutions are allowed.

* Courses taken strictly for college credit are governed by the policies of the college. High school students take the courses through special programs which require application and college approval, but this is not a formal application to attend the college as a regular student.

* Courses taken during the regular school day will be done in a supervised setting.

* If a student decides to drop the class without administrative clearance, the course will be recorded with a grade of "F" on the high school transcript.

If interested in courses in a traditional college classroom at Metro or Midland, see the counselor.

Transfer of Credit: Based on past records, many colleges can tell you if the credits will transfer to other institutions. If sufficient lead time is available, the student can contact colleges to find out if transfer of the course meets major or elective requirements of their destination college(s). Some students want to take a course as a practice run while planning to take it for real in the future and earn a better grade.

Tuition: The student, or student's family, is responsible for any tuition, books, supplies, or mail costs for courses taken through outside institutions.

Below we will focus on Metropolitan Commnunity College and Midland University. Consult with specific colleges and the counselor for information on Distance Ed courses from Peru State College, UNL, etc.

Metropolitan Community College courses are available to students who are sixteen years old and older. Younger students need school permission. A typical Metro 4.5 quarter course (equals a 3 credit traditional semester college course) costs approximately $200 + book(s) unless it is part of the College Now Program which is half-price.

Many courses are available. Metro's schedule for the next quarter is posted on the internet during the current quarter. See The student may need to take a placement exam to verify that the student has the appropriate background to take a particular class. Consult with the counselor.

To date, sample courses Bergan Students have taken at Metro:

American History
College Algebra
Art History
Business Law
Certified Nursing Assistance
Criminal Law
Intro to Business
Medical Terminology
Political Science
World Civilizations

Midland University's High School Scholar's Program offers courses available to students who meet the entrance requirements. The drastically reduced tuition is approximately $250/course. Students must be seniors or second semester juniors who are recommended by the H. S. counselor or principal. Courses Bergan Students have taken at Midland University include but are not limited to:

American History
Calculus I, II
College Physics
Developmental Psychology
English Composition
Global Business
Intro to Psychology
Intro to Special Education
Principles of Economics
Principles of Sociology
Public Speaking
Retail Marketing
Social Psychology
Topics in Education

Many more courses are possible. Consult with the Counselor.

If the student later attends Midland University full time, the tuition paid through the High School Scholars Program will be credited to the student's tuition.

UNL and other colleges have similar offerings. Costs vary. See the counselor for more details.

Transfer of Credit: Based on past records and agreements, many colleges can tell you if their credits will transfer to another college.

Prerequisite: Appropriate academic preparation as required by the college and Administration approval.