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Grade(s) and/or Subject(s)/ Classes you teach? High School English & Speech Instructor

High School attended? 

University Attended? 

Degree Received? 

Master's degree program or school attended? 

In your opinion, what is the absolute best thing about Archbishop Bergan Catholic School? 


Grade(s) and/or Subject(s)/ Classes you teach? Senior English, American History, Senior Theology, International Affairs

High School attended? Omaha Paul VI

University Attended? Wayne State/ University of Nebraska at Omaha

Degree Received? Bachelor of Science in Education - Endorsements in History, English, Social Sciences

In your opinion, what is the absolute best thing about Archbishop Bergan Catholic School? The absolute best thing about teaching at Archbishop Bergan Catholic School is that I can bring faith into the discussions we have in all my classes. I find it both personally and professionally rewarding to be able to teach where students and teachers can be involved in a faith based education.


English 9
Required Grade 9 two semesters 10 credits Ninth grade English has three parts, Literature, Grammar, and Writing. Units on language and literature will alternate throughout the year. Grammar, composition, spelling and vocabulary are emphasized. Lord of the Flies, Romeo and Juliet, Of Mice and Men and Animal Farm are read.

English 10
Required Grade 10 two semesters 10 credits Sophomore English is designed to increase a student's skills in English usage. Writing is emphasized through the use of small groups, individual writing, journal writing, and writing through researching. Major works include To Kill A Mockingbird, A Raisin in the Sun and The House on Mango Street. A literature text is used. Major writing projects include personal essay, literary analysis and research paper.

Required Grade 10 one semester 5 credits This course will serve as an introduction to public speaking. The student will prepare speeches in the areas of informative, persuasive, impromptu, and special occasion.

English 11
Required Grade 11 two semesters 10 credits During their Junior year, Juniors will complete the Archdiocese Assessment. Vocabulary and spelling are continued. Formal and informal writing is also continued and evaluated through the use of small groups and journal writing. An in depth look at American literature is covered.

College English
Grade 12 two semesters By permission, but an option to fulfill Grade 12 English requirement 0 credits College English is for students with well-developed English grammar skills who are capable of writing well-organized papers with moderate supervision. Although grammar and composition will be a part of the course of study, the emphasis will be on literature. A survey of British Literature, the course includes Pride & Prejudice, A Tale of Two Cities, Hamlet and Macbeth. Major writing projects include a personal essay, research project, literary analysis, persuasive, and book reviews.

English 12
Two period semesters or Block for one semester Grade 12 Option to fulfill Grade 12 English requirement. 10 credits This class will mainly focus on improving students' writing skills through the use of the Write Tools curriculum. Students will also do weekly proofreading exercises and vocabulary units to build their writing and analysis skills. As a class, we will also read and discuss Same Kind of Different as Me, and The Shack. Our closing project will be to write and illustrate a picture book to be shared with our pre-schoolers.

Creative Writing I
Elective Grades 10 - 12 one semester Prerequisite: Permission 5 credits This course offers opportunities to write poetry, short stories, and other creative works.

Language Arts