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Middle School


Grade(s) and/or Subject(s)/ Classes you teach? 7-12 Business Teacher, Computer Applications, Computers 7 & 8, Accounting I, II, III, Personal Finance, AutoCAD, and Yearbook

High School attended? Keya Paha County High School

University Attended? Midland Lutheran College

Degree Received? Bachelor of Arts in Education, Endorsements in 6-12 Business and 7-12 Coaching

Master's degree program or school attended? Wayne State College – Master of Science in Curriculum & Instruction, 7-12 Industrial Technology Endorsement, MS in Administration PK-12 Administration

Extra-Curricular Duties? Head HS Volleyball Coach, Head JH Track Coach, Senior Class Sponsor, Yearbook, and Technology Coordinator

In your opinion, what is the absolute best thing about Archbishop Bergan Catholic School? I enjoy being able to be involved with the students in different areas whether it is in the classroom teaching them or being able to coach them in the different sports. Being a smaller school enables the kids to be involved in a lot of things and the ability to try many different things.


Grade 7
one semester

History of computers and background of technology and how to use many different types will be the focus of this class. Learning how to format documents using Microsoft Word as well as being introduced to the basic features of the spreadsheet software, Microsoft Excel, and they are given opportunities to strengthen their proofreading skills as well. We will also touch on Photoshop and Microsoft Powerpoint.

Grade 8
one semester

This course provides the students with the opportunity to build a solid foundation of knowledge and skills in using the main tools of Microsoft Office. Specifically, the students complete tutorials using the Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint programs to develop their word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation skills. Application projects are included at the conclusion of each lesson to give students a chance to display the skills learned in that lesson. Students are graded on the quality of their daily performance as well as the quality of the completed, required assignments.

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