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Grade(s) and/or Subject(s)/ Classes you teach? IPS (Intro to Physical Science) grades 7/8, Biology I, Physical Education 7/8

High School attended? North Platte St. Patrick’s

University Attended? University of Nebraska Lincoln

Degree Received? Bachelor of Science in Education, Middle School Endorsement, Coaching Endorsement

Extra-Curricular Duties? National Honor Society, Middle School Student Council, PAL Coordinator

In your opinion, what is the absolute best thing about Archbishop Bergan Catholic School? The opportunity to educate students every day in a climate that allows teachers to talk about faith, to teach creatively within their subject matter, and to interact with a great group of students and parents.


Life Science
Grade 7 & 8

Life Science concepts include cells structure and processes, systems, animal behavior, plant development and photosynthesis. Assessment includes projects, hands on activities, tests, science labs, and homework.

Intro to Physical Science
Grade 7 & 8
two semesters

IPS concepts include atoms, metric system, periodic table and elements, chemistry, physics principals, magnetism, graphing and energy sources. Assessment includes projects, labs, lab reports, tests, and homework.