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St. Patrick's Catholic High School/Archbishop Bergan Catholic School Alumni

St. Patrick's/Archbishop Bergan Catholic School has Alumni in 44 of the 50 states.

Where are our St. Patrick’s/Archbishop Bergan Catholic School Alumni?

It is probably no surprise that 75% of our alumni are residing in Nebraska. Of the remaining states, the five largest populations of alumni are in Colorado, Texas, Iowa, California and Arizona. Out of those states, the largest groups are out of the 1960’s and 1970’s classes. Colorado is the only one of those five states that has no one from the 2000 decade. Of the western states excluding Nebraska, there are 346 alumni. On the Eastern side, there are 249 alumni, with 2 alumni in Hawaii, 3 in Alaska and 1 in Canada.

Have you recently completed a degree, had a child, gotten married, had an anniversary, moved, been promoted at work or recognized by a peer group with a special honor? Any information you send us will be included in the next alumni newsletter going out. So, don’t be shy, let us know what is new with you! If you are a leader in your career field, community or school, we want to hear about it. This information will help us track our outstanding alumni.

Welcome to the Alumni pages of the Archbishop Bergan Catholic School website. We are happy to have you visit these pages and find out what is going at Bergan today and what we have planned for alumni. By updating your contact information you will benefit from staying in touch with friends and networking.

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Bergan Catholic has a differentiated curriculum that promotes creative and critical thinking skills, increases student self-esteem and enhances a passion for Faith, Knowledge and Service.