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Career Planning

  • Designed as a one stop site for middle school, high school, college, graduate school and adult students. It is set up to flow through information, site link, helpful advice, etc. It may seem like over flow, so don't go everywhere at once.

  • U.S. Government’s Occupational Outlook Handbook from the Dept. of Labor. Find 2-3 page articles on the careers that 90% of people actually do, wages, working conditions, etc. The first four line paragraph shows how to use the site.

  • All students will eventually find this a helpful place to go.

  • Discover, among other things, 550 career videos.

  • Career Resource Library for Career searchers and Job seekers

  • Vocational Information Center: A huge site for exploring college, vocational and technical careers (Everything from college academics to welding).

    -The Index to the Site is in the center of the alphabetical list on the first screen.

    -In the Career and College Planning Resources alone are many pages of links. One part of this sub-section unites subjects you may like with careers. There is also a resource page re. stress reduction links and much more.

  • Howard Community College in Maryland. Very extensive list of webites in career areas. Some specific to fields.

  • List of sites to help teens select future possibilities. The scope of this one might intimidate you, but if you are really ambitious, go for it.

  • Students and parents can learn and link to specific services.

Additional Information

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