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The Guidance Department helps the student better utilize his/her talents and the facilities of the school and community by providing educational, vocational and personal guidance. It serves the school by studying the needs of the students and helping the school to serve these needs.

We have a culture of success. Families and students join this flow which has gone before and will continue after. Flowing implies learning how to handle problems from our world—stress, uncertainty, bullying, abuse, etc. We work with students to develop personal and spiritual skills to diminish negatives and live successfully.

Beyond no plan or one plan, the Guidance Department helps students understand and implement a planning process for multiple successes, using good information sources, a positive attitude, and skill development. Hundreds of colleges and careers could help them be very happy and successful. Working together we lay out intelligent, adaptable plans to make dreams a reality.

Students are urged to utilize the counselor through individual or group counseling. Appointments may be made with the counselor personally or through the office.

Grade(s) and/or Subject(s)/Classes you teach?  7-12 Guidance Counselor, American Government

High School Attended? Archbishop Bergan Catholic School

University Attended? Wayne State College

Degree Received?  Bachelor's Degree in 7-12 Social Science Education

Master's Degree program or school attended? Master's in School Counseling from Wayne State College

Extra-Curricular Duties?  Assistant Football Coach and Assistant Boys Basketball Coach

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Bergan Catholic has a differentiated curriculum that promotes creative and critical thinking skills, increases student self-esteem and enhances a passion for Faith, Knowledge and Service.