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Elementary Parent Survey

Archbishop Bergan Elementary is constantly trying to improve our school and make it the best possible place for your son or daughter. Recently, a school improvement team began looking at ways to improve our peer to peer relationships. We have created a survey on the issue. This is a voluntary survey and your answers will be confidential. The survey is asking about the issues of bullying, school violence, and harassment from a parent’s point of view. Our students and staff will be completing similar surveys dealing with those issues as well. We will look at the data to see where and what we can improve so each student has a positive experience here at Bergan. The data from all 3 surveys will be shared at the next Positive Relationship Focus Group Meeting December 2nd at 7:00 PM at the Bergan High School Library. Thank you for your help in making Bergan great. If you have questions or concerns please contact Mr. Wyatt Morse at You have until January 1st to complete the survey.